'A Blow to the Contra'

After the hurricane

Three boys playing Art are happy in the heart


John Hewett, Henry Iles and Fabrizio Sgubbi.



Originally painted on odd shaped canvas remnants with a tramline border to unify the styles across the diverse shapes.
There were only two rules to follow, everything had to be immediate and the border is someone else's.
When the scraps ran out a 1 metre wide roll was acquired some of which are to be seen here.

During the 1980's and early nineties they were exhibited and collected by the hippest, sold by the metre.
The boys continued producing while living in London and went on to do large scale pieces,
exhibitions and performances across Europe.

John has got a hole in him
Maschine 1
Non Drip wallpaper
Three boys playing Art
Fuckhead no 1

John Hewett: Meinhirion – Menhire

Meinihirion are works created by Nature and Time.


To the object the surrounding landscape is important, for the painting the innerlandscape is everything.


Over millions of years sediments have settled and petriefied, the earth metamorphosed, ignited and cooled creating a highly decorative structure. On this living organisms have taken root, lived and died enriching the patina.

Recently in this history our ancestors selected pieces of this natural symphony and in so doing established an object worthy of attention which would then be moved, perhaps modelled and repositioned sympathecically with reason. Looking back we can see that the stones in the landscape are the earliest remains of our first marks on our world.

The first call after we settled to those that follow: "Here I am: Look at me!"

There was as is now an understanding of the reverential, created in the selections as special.

The focus of this reverence could be for the land and the ancestors it nourished, a permanent reminder for wisdom passed on. This culture is still present today. We continue to look at the landscape and these works of our predecessors with wonder.


The paintings are composed of an encapsulated form where nature is released to grow and dry over time leaving a deposition which could be described as representations of the standing stones and megalith of Britain.





menhir (bretonisch) – maen hir (walisisch) – hoher Stein pl. maenhirion

Alle Steine sind aufgeführt in der Liste Britain ancient historical monuments.

Bryn Maen
Callenish Heel
Lanyon Quoit