Digital Art by Venice

Art Numérique


French Artist in Digital Art Phone : 01731515125
Venice was born in the south of France in Montpellier under the name VB Very attracted by the music and the arts since childhood. In 1996, chooses a pseudo artist, she sing sometimes in the underground band of the region, this will Venice. In 1999, she moved to Nice..continues with music, writing songs, drawing, a passion for photography..
"I love Nizza, the riviera, i come back with pleasure !"
In 2004, she began to really look at new technologies self-taught Paints, draws with his digital computer She began his first work art digital and made his first exhibition in 2005 to Nizza
Then, wins with another painter to exhibit his first paintings for an exhibition Pop Art, VIP reception with the Press Club of  Alpes Maritimes (French Riviera).
In his first article the journalist talks about his art as the Rock'Art. She made portraits of some people that she meet or not like Janis Joplin,  jimi Hendrix..
 Then  she exposed  to Monaco,  around the Riviera, London, Rome, Berlin (overnight), and Quebec.
    "I'm constantly moving, artistic research. My works are all           different. Sometimes, i creates a series of visual as well as several ideas are born and form along my inspiration. Everything interests me. I love digital art because it fascinates me,   it is multiple, new, surprising! "
         Now, since four months, Venice lives in Germany to Königstein im Taunus. For his new exhibition in Frankfurt in Ypsilon Café, it has a few of these paintings as well

as new creations on the the theme « Terrienne » (human being) on Dibond.
"I love this new material, it is solid, the colors come out very well .. I also like painting on canvas, small or large it is very beautiful but I think with the stop-pasted that crashed against too fast for my taste .. "



If you need larger canvas, see a série.. or another questions, thank you to contact me by mail or phone.